I dont actually read messsages or chat when i made THE BROS i just hangout with them like ricky and jack,When i make jokes like this is "i show a book into someones face and say FACEBOOK",Im also a great singer for stitches,we dont talk anymore and see you again, im a rich kid with lots of robux but i just not buying,I make events like  an event that i made that is already pass on my game named "zombie house event" it use to be a house full of zombies and a wall with popos inside, Thank you":DRead More


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  • welcome to btw {BETA}

    build and decorate your own house, be a cute kid or be a loving roleplaying,parent of your choose, buy a itam and choose your fave form in the shop,hang out at the clube,roleplay in youtube,best game of weeekly updates for players and roleplayers and new secrets with a very very rare badge follow me on twitter for twitter codes for money,itams and a badge called "code breaker" using the ability to run press "shift" new zombie house with a wall,soulders,wizard and spider man new trailer t for this game kinda old u know still have to work on developing meet the developers! -kyle script and game maker -jack store maker -ricky house builder -housam map builder -melodic animator

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