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    😊 Press C to erase your drawings! 🎉 THANK YOU FOR 18 MILLION VISITS! 😱 💬 m87uNgF ⚠️ Staff applications are open now! Join our fan club below for more information on how you can become staff! This will probably be the last applications for a while, so take advantage of this opportunity now! 🎨 Welcome to Paint 'N Guess! Pick up the paintbrush and let your imagination flow. In this game, guess what the painter is painting. If you guess correctly, you will have a chance to paint and show off your creative skills for the whole server! ❗Happy New Year In 2019, we are going to bring players from different language backgrounds and communities and continue to grow and prosper as one. Many thanks! ⭐ Be sure to check out our social media links below to stay involved with our community!

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