The only way to have zero truth is to have infinite truth. 
Objective law creates subjective law. And infinite subjective law is no law. 

Our laws and society are based upon abductive reasoning, but analogical reference can only work from what we observe. Which humanity's only shared state of observance is non-observing. Hence, for all things sui generis, there no argument to homogenized abduction. And by extension no argument for natural law, ethics, or interpretation.

Truth cannot truly exist because to find truth is to create it. 
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    Monster Hunter Game You can ride any monster you catch. Game is in early stages of development. Lots of shutdowns and wipes.

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    CLEARANCE THE GAMES CLOSING 9/15 BY FORCE BY ROBLOX THE GAME IS WAY TOO BIG TO CONVERT TO FE SO THIS VERSION OF THE GAME WILL EVENTUALLY ARCHIVE ITSELF ILL DO SOMETHING SIMILAR AND BETTER PROBABLY JUST SO I CAN SPITE MY ENEMIES IN THE OFF CHANCE I DON'T- I LOVE ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT WHICH IS SOMETHING I WILL ONLY SAY NOW DEVIL BEATER IS GOOD FUN A boss fighting game about a group of 15 year old mafioso fighting the devil. Boss Fighting Stages is bleh. You can peek at it if you want to but it's losing in quality to THIS game. THIS game. that's sad Thumbnail by emeruga Game Icon alternates (in total made by Dun_Goof, emeruga, and bengbeng14) Official Group: https://www.roblox.com/My/Groups.aspx?gid=2674638

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