Developer of Monster Story
Creator of GOD SIMULATOR and its clones

Formerly known for:
Creator of Devil Beater (Congratulations Aric Clap Clap Clap)
Scripting Lead at Blox Cards
"some fixes and features" for Yu-Gi-Oh Dimension Duels
Owner of LMaD (the forum, its true I promise)

Once I get Euro, Decklace, CWS, RGE, and all the immortal swords I can finally quit trading. That day will never come.
The only way to have zero truth is to have infinite truth. Objective law creates subjective law. And infinite subjective law is no law.Read More


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    This game is open source! You can pretend to learn from my source code. Or more importantly add monsters in as you please, because you should be able to make your own little game off of this source code and maybe build off of it if you're decent enough at file-modification!

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