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  • SCP: Containment Breach Redux

    after 5 or so years, I decided to revisit this after ROBLOX made mesh-importing / audio-uploading way easier - that said, this is still very WIP and probably will be for a few months; if you can possibly help with this project, that'd be appreciated, developing something alone is excruciating! However, please note that I am only looking for coding help - I can already build and work with meshes to a great degree by myself, sorry! don't expect any SCPs other than 173 until Roblox officially releases Mesh Deformation (as well as Bone support) and PBR materials this is being built off version 1.3.11 as of uploading this, but expect finished product to resemble 0.6.4 -- credit to Mayk for helping me with coding 😊

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