Roblox, Please hear what the community is saying, please be 'community-friendly' I guess. But please, fix your ENTIRE moderation, maybe moderate the moderation? Please hire trustworthy managers than some  d##ty old bald uncle from Singapore and please, hire more trustworty mods since your bot moderation is flawed. Plus, you still have a job, a job to moderate and stop the major security problems that is happening in Roblox. You know, 'Everyday is to change yourself', maybe you can do that too? 


Random Quote of the Year [**NOT MINE**]: "Those who ignored you will act as old friends, be careful at who you trust, they could be snakes. Punish them with your success, the best revenge is success." - @Balkan Gains / YouTube 
(For next year) "If education is not freeing, the dream of the opressed is to become the opressor." - Paulo Freire


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