Creator of Mutant Testing Reborn, the OG Realish sandbox!

MTR was approved by somedeviser. If you are a NVZR Contributor willing to provide me with stuff that was added or was planned for Realish, Send me a message!


Hi there! I'm sicknoobie! I make some semi-decent games on this platform. MTR might be my main game, but I do have plans to make some of my own mostly original stuff at some point! I often make my own spinoffs of games I appreciate because I want to remix it and add my own stuff! Outside of game development, I'm a huge fan of NVZR and NVZT2, but not so much TZO (or the overhaul update).


  • Mutant Testing Reborn

    Group: USING PRIVATE SERVERS IS HIGHLY ADVISED! The original Mutant Testing, but Reborn with new scripting! Experiment with different NPCs and watch them fight! NPCs include all the Mutants, Noobs, and Zombies seen in Realish. Including NPCs from The Maze, and vehicles that never made it into the game! Private Server Owners get exclusive abilities to further their experimentation! Get a Private Server for Free! Credits located in-game. Latest Content Update: 06/28/2022 Basic Tags: Mutants, Noobs Vs Zombies Realish, Testing, Experiment, Infection

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