Amidst the snow falling, ever so graciously to the ground, as they passed by me, and me along the ground, in the wind, I felt at peace. It had been long before I had felt this way, nature, the wind the scenery. The scent of springs approach in just weeks to come, and the scent of the flowers, how distinct each smell was from one another. From the roses that managed to last through the cold winter days. To the smell of the Lilacs that have started to bloom early. The sight of the mountains in the far distance, as I walked alone in the forest. Things that had not been done in what seemed to be years, but in reality was only a short 5 months. Realizing how much there is every time I walk along the paths, not created by man, but by nature itself. Giving me more inspiration of life, and more hope of what I have not yet gone to pursue myself.

Something I wrote like 4 years ago? More to it but wont fit. Never continued this either. ;DRead More


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