Hi Im Jasper4732.
Im like, addicte to Percy Jackson and Kane Chronicals books.
I like to forum on the Entertainment part and I forum in all of them.
I hope like, Percy Jackson and Kane Chronicals combine. It would be like, Sadie says: Tas! And then Percy slashes the monster with his sword.
I try to be nice to people.:D
If you call me a noob I'll tell you that we've all been noobs.
I came back yesterday (november) from 7 month break
I am very happy that Rick Riordan is making more books! 
The Heroes of Olympus seris is awesome! 
I hope that his Norse mythology will be good because I love his books!
Demigod for life
i quit roblox on 3/16/14 i dont have time to play this anymore and i dont have friends on here so ya.
came back on 5/31/14 for i day but i am qiutting again bye
im back again 1/18/2015 but im gonan leave after the seahawks win the super bowl WOOOO


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  • Fight like Percy Jackson

    You can use bombs and blow up stuff, build a wall, sword fight, shoot each other with rockets, shoot each other with sling shots, throw balls, and have a paintball war!!

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