•❤️• Friends Come And Go, But I Got Real Friends •❤️

💜 Ruby: You Make Me Laugh and smile 💜
💖Julie: You Inspire Me And I Look Up To You💖

💞Jheyla: You Are Very Smart And Cool 💞 

💚 Zoe: You Have A Great Sence Of Humor 💚

🖤Hollow: You Make Me Happy, You're Like A Whole New Brother To Me.🖤 

💚scourgetheleader123: You Make Me Feel Awesome! 💚 

💛Rune: You Are SOO Amazing And Chill 💛 

💙Kai: You're Important And Just Always There 💙 

😊♥️I Love all my friends/cousins, thank you all for always being here for me and cheering me up when i'm down. You all mean the world to me and i'll never forget about you, sometimes I might be mad at you but tha doesn't mean I hate you, We might get in fights but we always end up fine :) Tysm Everyone For Not Being Fake To Me And Being A True Family ♥️😊Read More


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