Wassup guys, I'm viper aka the guy with the red bucket!
(you might also know me for my tower of hell content)

Some of my UGC items some cool people helped make B)
shoulder pal: https://www.roblox.com/catalog/5861428181/Mini-Viper
horned viper: https://www.roblox.com/catalog/5976261110/Horned-Viper

I'm a simple youtuber with almost 250k amazing people that follow me :)! (much <3)
Feel free to join me at anytime! (just don't ask for a race or fr)

This is the only account i will be on, don't trust anyone else claiming to be me :)

I follow some cool peeps :D


  • Parkour Madness [BETA] [Update In Progress]

    👉 Leave a thumbs up and favorite if you enjoy the game and want to see more updates! 👉 Hit that follow button! 💬 Want to contact me? Send a DM to my Roblox Account? [Update]10/15/18 - Brand New Lobby!! - All Maps Redone/Detailed!! - Running Smoother!! - More To Come!! Parkour Madness is a game where you can compete against your friends or yourself and see if you are able to complete every map in the game! Can you do it? In Early Development! More To Come!

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