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  • Blacklands

    🏆 On the dangerous Islands of the Blacklands, you must join Together to survive. Explore and collect Loot to defend against Bandits and Radiation. Play in Survival or Battle Royale Mode. 😎 Enjoy Free VIP Personal servers! Only works on Computer. βœ… Join our Game Studio group "Antiael" on the Roblox website! 🐦 Follow @anti1224 on Twitter for exclusive content! 🙍‍♂️ Join our Server using the Link below: Chat, Updates, and More! 🔔 Click the FOLLOW button to get notifications for new Updates! 🔔 🎁 Get special perks in-game, check out the Store! Related: apocalypse rising dead mist dayz state of anarchy deazone Created by Anti. Work in Progress. Released January 2020. Game in Alpha.

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