• A Boring Adventure

    An obstacle course and a hangout place. Made in 2013 NEED HELP? A little bit outdated walkthrough can be found here: It will get you through all but two obstacles. WANT TO JUST HANG OUT? Just after the first obstacle (when you get to stage 2), go right and use a not-so-hidden teleport to skip to the final area. There you can just hang out with people. QUESTION MARKS: As a side challenge I have hidden green question marks around the map; 25 in the obstacle course and 17 in the final area. Finding them all is just for fun (and for bragging rights). Note that you can't find all the ones in the final area, due to a ROBLOX update no longer making the fly tool I had work. My record for making it to the end is 9:32.57 with 0 deaths.

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