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    NRBA S11 - @MiamiHeat/@DallasMaverics ♠Credit to SD_23♠ 🔶Franchise Records🔶 Season 8 Record: 7 - 9 [ELIMINATED FIRST ROUND] Season 9 Record: 9 - 7 [ELIMINATED FIRST ROUND] Season X Record: 7 - 9 [ELIMINATED FIRST ROUND] Season XI Record: 12-4 [ELIMINATED SEMI-CONFERENCE] 🌟LATEST NEWS🌟 • Dallas Mavericks, Star, SD_23, potentially signing to the Boston Celtics. • Dallas Mavericks, team captain, KiddEliteIV, retires and is expected to still be solely active for MrAwesome from time to time. • Dallas Mavericks, Co-team captain, Corrupted_Forces retires after finding to purpose to return to the league. • Dallas Mavericks, Former captain, SamuelDeLaGhetto, returns to his PS4 and plans on spending his final days there and plans to play ROBLOX from time to time. • Dallas Mavericks' Coach, MrAwesome521, officially retires from the league, however will maintain his position, and is expecting a promotion. Soon. Real Soon.

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