• (OPEN FOR TESTING) Super Mario 3D RP

    NOTE: I am sorry about the delay. I am not quite ready to start updating again. But I also haven't forgotten about this game. I'm trying to imagine why it has been glitching so much lately, but I am unsure of how to proceed at the moment. Thank you for your patience. A potential fix in security is in place so the game is open to test functionality. NOTE: Exploiting of any kind is not allowed. Please report any exploits to Roblox and me (Mahdioh) if you encounter them at all. Welcome to Super Mario 3D RP, A role-play with 3D characters and environments from various Mario games, both popular and obscure! You can enjoy role-playing, exploring the world, or even just goofing off. Have fun, and remember to keep your role-play kid-friendly! Contributors will be acknowledged through an in-game hall of fame at a later date. I do not own anything. Credit for characters, scenarios, and most sounds goes to Nintendo, AlphaDream, Next Level Games, Square Enix, Hudsonsoft, and Intelligen

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