• 💡IQ Obby

    🔥 Recommended for older players. This is NOT an easy obby. 🎉 Thank you all so much for 20 million visits! The IQ Obby is a 100 stage obstacle course that puts your logic and parkour skills to the test. Each stage completed awards you IQ points, which can be used to purchase skips or special effects in-game! Badges are awarded every 10 stages, and for reaching 200 IQ! Leave a like if you find the course challenging and unique! The dislikes are from people who play easy obbies. 👀 [02/21/2023] 'Reset Progress' option was added to the settings menu. Intended for players who'd like another attempt at the game, but have insufficient IQ to rebirth. ⚠️ This game was optimized for desktop. However, all stages have been tested, and are possible on mobile.

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  • Party too hard and die

    *fixed the issue with the music not playing caramelldansen* this is my attempt at a meme game the dislikes are from people who couldn't find the start button 😂 please rejoin the game in order for the gamepasses to work (credits) Imaginze - scripts LMQ - builds Buddenly - artwork based off the original caramelldansen meme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgeLNhRUVlQ

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  • 🏅Free Badges [2,710 BADGES] 🎉EVENT🎉

    🎉 Badgers of Robloxia is officially one year old! Help Shadow find his missing badgers in-game to receive a special, limited-edition badge, part of the Badgers Event! 🎉 Buff your inventory with thousands of badges you can obtain in just minutes! There are 2,710 badges in total, can you collect them all? ⚡️ Leave the game afk while earning hundreds of badges every minute! 🔍 Can you find the hidden badges around the map? There are currently 6! 👑 Players with VIP or Premium gain access to exclusive badges and perks! 👍 Adding new badges at 50K likes! ✨ Unlock over 70 exclusive badges when you join our community! https://www.roblox.com/groups/5587275/Badgers-of-Robloxia

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