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  • Cookie!Cleo&Rainbows

    4 US 3 ONLY <3 =) lets all try again CookieGirl PLZ join! Cleodenile2 plz join!

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  • We love harry styles from one direction

    If u like harry styles from One Direction then join this club today!!!! We talk about him all day and all night and we sometimes have a meeting were we all go to a game and just talk about him and hang out!!! its a lot of fun and u should really join!! It's one of the best groups ever!!! (or at least I hope it will). Also don't join my group if you don't like Harry Styles unless you send me a message saying you want to help with ads and games. Also I accept friend requests. Also if there's something you want me to change or get to the group just message me and I will answer you within that week or the next 24 hours. So come and join the group today!!

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      Harry lovers
  • Team Domino

    ═───╡Introduction to Team Domino╞───═ ═───╡Core laws╞───═ ═───╡Ranking and Promotion╞───═ ═───╡Official group games╞───═ Reunite: Fort Aamon:

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  • Christians of Roblox

    We are Christians of Roblox. Or better known as C.O.R. We are a non-denominational Christian group. We accept believers of every kind. Atheists and people of other beliefs are welcome, please remain civil when in our group. Our rules include: #1 NEVER by ANY means shall our members go into another group and leave hateful/spam/pointless messages. #2 Do not spam the wall, its pointless. #3 Obey the admins and the Owner #4 Do not start arguments. We enjoy a peaceful wall. These are our top 4 rules, and are subject to change if the admins vote to do so. Punishments for violation of these rules may vary. If you have any complaints, ideas, or suggestions then please message the Owner, PaxRomana, with them.

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      Followers of Christ


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  • Horrorville: Slendermans (notdone)

    beware people hes scary up to the brown cave ye go then run for yer lives!!!!!!!1

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