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  • Cookie!Cleo&Rainbows

    4 US 3 ONLY <3 =) lets all try again CookieGirl PLZ join! Cleodenile2 plz join!

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  • We love harry styles from one direction

    If u like harry styles from One Direction then join this club today!!!! We talk about him all day and all night and we sometimes have a meeting were we all go to a game and just talk about him and hang out!!! its a lot of fun and u should really join!! It's one of the best groups ever!!! (or at least I hope it will). Also don't join my group if you don't like Harry Styles unless you send me a message saying you want to help with ads and games. Also I accept friend requests. Also if there's something you want me to change or get to the group just message me and I will answer you within that week or the next 24 hours. So come and join the group today!!

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      Harry lovers
  • Christians of Roblox

    We are Christians of Roblox. Or better known as C.O.R. We are a non-denominational Christian group. We accept believers of every kind. Atheists and people of other beliefs are welcome, though please remain civil when in our group. Our rules include: #1 NEVER by ANY means shall our members go into another group and leave hateful/spam/pointless messages. #2 Do not spam the wall, its pointless. #3 Obey the admins and the Owner #4 Do not start arguments. We enjoy a peaceful wall. These are our top 4 rules, and are subject to change if the admins vote to do so. Punishments for violation of these rules may vary on a case per case basis. If you have any complaints, ideas, or suggestions then please message the Owner, PaxRomana, with them.

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      Followers of Christ
  • Team Domino

    ═───╡Introduction to Team Domino╞───═ ═───╡Core laws╞───═ ═───╡Ranking and Promotion╞───═ ═───╡Official group games╞───═ Fort Aamon:

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  • Horrorville: Slendermans (notdone)

    beware people hes scary up to the brown cave ye go then run for yer lives!!!!!!!1

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