Hello! My name is SkyDoesMinecraft (Skai as my nickname)

I'm obviously not the real SkyDoesMinecraft. However, this is the real SkyDoesMinecraft: he recently uploaded a new roblox video on his channel and this was the account he was using to play roblox.

If you are unable to send me a message, please update your private message settings for everyone. 

For those wondering how I got this name, I took it by accident back when Sky only had 16,000 subscribers (used web archives to verify total) back in 2012 and that's that. lol

"pumpkin" - luc 2008
"bearmy" - luc 2009
"dandalion" - luc 2010
"tigerstar" - luc 2011
"dakota" - luc 2012
"Huh. Nifty." - luc 2013
"batman ish not gonna be happy" - luc 2014
"bunz" - luc 2015
"choo choo" - luc 2016
"noot noot" - luc 2017Read More

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  • Skai's Sandbox

    the map in this game is 18432x18432 studs across this is a game where i test things or just come to drive cars. believe it or not, you need a decent computer to join this game since this game is packed with classic roblox maps and many things me and my friends have made. no, this is not skais sandbox quarry good luck finding secrets

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  • mess around


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  • ~ Tails Doll III: The End ~

    Well finally Tails Doll III: The End is here. This game unlike the other 2 is actually scary (machoness approved). This game is unable to be played on mobile (reason in game) If you are making a video for this game and uploading it to youtube, leave the words "omg tails doll iii gameplay" in the desc, and I may just view it :3 Warning: This game has scary images and scary sound effects. It is also recommended you play this game during dark hours of the night. If do encounter any bugs, please PM me about it and what happend. If the game doesn't start up properly it is due to a roblox bug, just rejoin. Sorry if this game feels kind of rushed.

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  • ~Tails Doll II~

    Third game can be found here: NOTE: If you are recording this game with the roblox screen capture. Stop recording when the credits go blank otherwise roblox will crash and you will lose the footage. Yes, you can play this game more than once on any account, only because I think people would really want to re-play this. If you encounter ANY bugs during gameplay please PM me what the bug was and what happend during the bug. So just like the first version of the game, This game includes: Flashing lights Scary images and scary gameplay. You are suggested not to enter if you have epilepsy. I tried to make this game a small bit longer than the first one. TIP: Walking up to certain objects can trigger things. *Please do NOT post spoilers in the comments!*

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  • ~Tails Doll I~

    Second tails doll game is located here: NOTE: If you are recording this game with the roblox screen capture. Stop recording when the credits go blank otherwise roblox will crash and you won't beable to come back and record again. This game is scary and not really ment to be played if you don't like scary things. Game includes: Pop ups, Can you feel the sunshine music, Flashing lights, Jump scares. And once you reach the end... You can never play this game again.. (UNLESS YOU GO ON AN ALT ACCOUNT :D) You have been warned. THIS GAME IS MENT TO BE PLAYED IN MAXIMIZED SCREEN SIZE OR FULL SCREEN. Any smaller screen sizes will glitch with the credits ( i can't fix it, blame roblox. ) MESSAGE TO BETA TESTERS: Because you beta tested you can keep visiting the game when ever you please. Use WAD to move or arrow keys. You cannot move backwards that's why there is no S :3

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  • Skai's Development Quarry

    dont buy the access lol Skai's Quarry is now under way of being remade. This development server will be closed to both friends and public.

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  • Skai's Majestic Budder Place!

    Major lag reduction after removing some of the old code! This game is going to be worked on from here to improve scripts and remove some of the lag. I may also keep building onto this game. Enjoy the memories. I loved this back in 2013. I made a lot of friends and memories here that I will never forget. I wanted to bring that back for everybody who used to play this. :D

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  • Skai's Sandbox Quarry

    This game will no longer be receiving updates unless something breaks. Credit to Dummiez for the inspiration and idea for this game. This is not Dummiez's "The Quarry"! Current player commands: ;save ;surface ;options ;spawn Please give me feedback on the game! If your stats didn't load or load properly here are a few things you can do: 1. Do not mine any blocks and rejoin. 2. If your stats have not loaded in properly, turn off auto save and create a new profile (Without mining any blocks), then leave and rejoin. Then try loading your profile again. 3. Contact a staff member or me about the issue. Fan club: Thank you to Machoness for the game thumbnails and Mr_Coco for the game icon.

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