Currently working on Mermaid Life 🧜‍♀️β™₯
I'm Vivian! I'm a 2D/3D artist and a UGC creator! Feel free to buy some of my hats here:
Roblox Accelerator 2018/Marketing intern 2019/Fall Accelerator 2019/Roblox Contractor 2021

My character is a Roblox toy for Celebrity Series1, I have four other toys too, Helionar and Ruby Wake from Bittersweet, and Urania and Diana from Mermaid Life! 
I've been nominated for a few Bloxys and won one as a Vesteria contributor. 
I modeled most of the hats for the Ready Player Two event in 2020, and helped create the 3D environment & items for the Metaverse Champions event in 2021!

Join my group Vivinions to support my stuff, and feel free to follow me on Twitter if you want to contact me! @EvilArtist_
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