I'm Vivian! I'm 19, and I'm a freelance artist and concept illustrator, I'm an intern at Roblox this year! The most recent games in my 'Favorites' are games that I have worked for!
  ✍ Intuos Pro 🎨 Paint Tool SAI
  Roblox Summer 2018 Accelerator Intern
  Celebrity Series 1 Roblox toy
  Bittersweet Art Director
  Roblox Character Encyclopedia Pg.41!
  Twitch Affiliate
  6th annual Bloxy winner, contributed in Vesteria!
  DevForum member
  Created concept art of Jack O' Lantern Fedora & Spider Antlers
  Top Contributor on DevForum
  Interviewed in a Business Insider article
  Interviewed by Roblox for the blog
  Bloxy Awards 2015/2016/2017 nominee for fan art
  Attended Roblox Developers Conference 2017/2018
  Featured on Roblox's Insta, Twitter, FB and Twitch stream
  First place in Lando64000's art contest
  Been on the Roblox stream in person (twice)

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