Cxvampbell: Raiden, turn the game console off right now! Raiden: What did you say? 
Cxvampbell: The mission is a failure! Cut the power right now! Raiden: What's wrong with you? 
Cxvampbell: Don't worry, it's a game! It's a game just like usual. Rosemary: You'll ruin your eyes playing so close to the TV. 
Raiden: What are you talking about!? 
Cxvampbell: Raiden, something happened to me last Thursday when I was driving home. Cxvampbell: I had a couple of miles to go -- I looked up and saw a glowing orange object in the sky, to the east! 
Cxvampbell: It was moving very irregularly... Suddenly, there was intense light all around me --- -- and when I came to, I was home. 
Cxvampbell: What do you think happened to me...? Raiden: Huh? (Confused)
Cxvampbell: Fine, forget it... 

Eeyup, that was an MGS2 Reference. Anyways, same as always, been around for 7 years, might be depressed, yadda yadda yadda, alright let's get to itRead More


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