Now everyone is surprised just cause how funny and popular I am. I get bullied and questioned I am Physically Strong. I'm a strong person as well, Just like you are. Make a change to your life your awesome and no one can stop you I stand up to those bullies and go your not worth anything I have time to live and I am not going to waste it. I SHOUT TO THE WHOLE WORLD YOU WONT TAKE ME ANYONE WHO TRIES lets just say Things come back around it's called Karma and I'm not a violent person but Karma can be 
You just know your the strongest person in the world I may seem like a complete bore and a dark sad confused person, but yeah we all are sometimes change that.
I'm independent and happy as can be virtual place it is my escape place not suicide, threats, bullying I'm your friend if you don't want me to be so just be you remember never change Your awesome guys and girls this could be positive for all.Read More

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