• Train Your Noob

    (THERE IS A GLOBAL CHAT!!!) [Inspired by Duck Life, the Chao Garden from Sonic and Tamagotchi. Gameplay pretty similar!] Hi, Professor NOOB here! Welcome to my first noobs research center! I'm inviting you today cause i will need your help! I have so many noob and i can't take care of all them, so, i'll be giving your very own noob! What is a noob? A noob is a very friendly and interessting little living being. They can evolve differently depending of their environment and owner. They can like you or they can end up hating you. They can evolve into the strongest noob alive or into the speediest noob alive. In short, they can be anything! They just need your time. So, what do you say? Do you want your very own noob? If so, join me right now at my noob research center, i'll be waiting for you!

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  • Fight With Random Gears!

    The battle begin!

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