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The best ideas are the ones you don't force yourself to think of.

Hey! Welcome to my profile! I'm Blake. I like to create and explore games on Roblox. Jack of many trades, strong leader, effective communicator, and passionate creator with several years of experience.

-Creative Director of Arcade Island
-Runner up in Roblox 2020 Holiday Game Jam
-Apart of Metaverse Champions
-Featured by Roblox on Twitter
-Roblox Developer Conference 2021 Attendee

I will never forget October 20th, 2020 when the Krew made a video on Arcade Island.

Stay patient, determined, and create something you are truly passionate about, and you can reach your goals - if I did it, you can too.


  • Arcade Island 2: Roblox Arcade 🌴

    Welcome to Arcade Island. Play machines, win prizes, explore the island, vibe, hangout, and meet new people in an awesome social extravaganza. It’s just like visiting your favorite Dave and Buster’s Arcade, Round1 Arcade, or another arcade chain! Arcade Island has actual working arcade games! Compliant with Randomized Virtual Items Policy. Random item probabilities listed. Read more: 🎮 40+ Arcade Machines 🍽️ Restaurant 🎢 Drop Tower 🚗 Go Karting 🕺 Club 🏄‍♂️ Pool 🛌 Hotel 👍 Consider leaving a thumbs up! 😎 Join our group! ⭐ Half price games Thursdays! Some assets courtesy of Ben's Glow House and Cornerstone Arcade. Read more:

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  • Arcade Island: Dev Build [BETA1] 🕹️🎟️

    🌴 Play arcade games, win tickets, collect prizes, vibe with friends, and explore the island in an awesome social extravaganza! ✨ Almost like visiting Dave and Buster’s, Round1, or Chuck E Cheese! 🕹️ Play arcade games! 🎟️ Win tickets! 🧸 Collect prizes! 😅 Vibe hangout with friends! ✨ Roleplay on the island! 🌠 ROBLOX PREMIUM players earn 2 chips / 5 minutes, perfect for idle earning! 📈 SUBSCRIBE to @BeastyBlake101 on YOUTUBE for codes and videos! 🐤 FOLLOW @BeastyBlake101 on TWITTER for codes and leaks! 🔨 Check out the Arcade Island team! Some assets courtesy Cornerstone Arcade. 📜 Arcade Island is committed to safe, ethical, and rule compliant fun: 📰 Includes paid advertisements that are labelled as "Paid Ads" and use assets from @AdvertUploader.

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