Hey everyone, I'm BeastyBlake101! I enjoy creating and exploring games on the Roblox platform. I'm always looking for my next adventure.

Some of my interests include games, media, tech, design, themed entertainment, entrepreneurship, sports, and rhythm arcade.

I'm a maker, a doer, a problem solver, and a leader. Roblox has allowed me to meet some of the coolest friends anyone could ask for. It has inspired me to want to improve lives through innovation for the rest of my life. I want to make the world a better place through my creative leadership and problem solving.

I will never forget October 20th, 2020, when the ItsFunneh played Arcade Island 2 on YouTube. Roblox acts an equalizer. Nothing matters except your execution and will to succeed. Anyone can do anything in this world. Find something you are truly passionate about and never let anyone stop you - you will find a way to reach your goals.


  • vibe and donate (donation game) 💸

    Make Robux by selling gamepasses and shirts. Your items will automatically appear in game. Earn Robux, socialize, explore, and vibe hangout with friends in the neon city skyline! Welcome to Vibe and Donate! 💸🌃✨ Create a gamepass (recommended): Create a shirt: Marketplace fees will take a cut of your Robux. Pending Robux may take a week or longer to receive. This donation game, like many others, is based off PLS DONATE. Support the game that started this trend:

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  • Arcade Island X: Working Arcade 🌴

    🌴 Play arcade games, win tickets, collect prizes, vibe with friends, and explore the island in an awesome social extravaganza! 🕹️ Play arcade games and win tickets! 🧸 Collect prizes from the claw machines! 😅 Vibe hangout with friends! 🏝️ Roleplay on the island! 🎉 Inspired by arcades and theme parks like Dave and Buster’s, Round1, Main Event, Chuck E Cheese, Six Flags, Universal Studios, and Disneyland! 🌠 ROBLOX PREMIUM earns FREE CHIPS while idle! 🔊 PLAY WITH FRIENDS and USE VOICE CHAT for ticket boosts! 🔴 SUBSCRIBE TO @BeastyBlake101 🔵 FOLLOW US @ArcadeIslandX @BeastyBlake101 📜 Arcade Island Commitment to Fair Fun: 🔨 Arcade Island Credits: 🔨 Special Thanks: Cornerstone Arcade, RoBeats 🔨 May include paid ads.

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