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  • IceClan

    Make sure to read the information about IceClan! http://sta.sh/21txxo9ai6d8 Welcome to the Warrior Cats Roleplay Group, IceClan! We're the first IceClan, and the largest with over 1000 members! We welcome anyone who enjoys roleplaying! IceClan is the Clan cleverness and bravery! We live by three other Clans: DarkClan, MistClan, and BlazeClan. Our warrior ancestors are StarClan, and the realm where evil warriors walk is known as Night Pines. The twolegplace is ruled by fierce killers called DeathClan. In the mountains exists a small Tribe (yet mostly unknown to the Clans and considered as a mountain myth) called The Tribe of Eternal Ice. To get out of the Pending Rank, post a description about your character, or jump right into the roleplay! Be sure to list the rank, or you'll stick to pending.

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      Dᴇᴘᴜᴛʏ - Mɪᴅɴɪɢʜᴛsᴛᴏʀᴍ
  • WarriorCatsRP

    Welcome to WarriorCatsRP, a group to hangout for people who like Erin Hunter's Warrior series. It is updated with the latest Warrior Cats news, and is a place for every Warrior-Loving ROBLOXian to come together to discuss one of their favorite book series. Group Rules: •No spamming the group wall •No advertising on the group wall •Be kind and have a good time •NO SPOILERS!!! There are people reading the series without spoilers, please be courteous! •Don't post mean things about other people! Feel free to discuss: •DA, Youtube, etc. •The books •Your OC's or your opinions on the book characters Icon by: SilverLark. DeviantA: TheSilverLark. Go support her! Thanks for joining and have fun! **Want a rank change? Comment on the group wall what rank you want. SKYCLAN & STARCLAN ARE OFF LIMITS!**

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  • Roblox Warrior Cats Movie

    .::>>>*THE CAST IS FULL. DO NOT ASK TO BE IN IT! YOUR POST WILL BE DELETED*<<<::. ~Our Youtube account channel is: RobloxWarriorsMovie With the help of a group of people, I'm making Roblox's very own Warriors Movie! I'll be posting it onto Youtube to help people understand more about the books, instead of people stereotyping it and US. It's also obviously for your entertainment. More information about certain things will be given in the group shouts! PLEASE NOTE!: Progress is slow due to the fact that I want every clip to be as good as it can be, a lot of editing will be done so it may take a while for each part to be uploaded to Youtube. This group is for the supporters of the Roblox Warrior Cats Movie (Shortened to RWCM) and the cast and crew.

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