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  • [TSL] The Shadow Legion

    When Rome fell a late legion was left homeless, scattered in the frosty mountains of the Alps. Due the test of time passed upon generations to fulfil the oath they swore to Caesar. Byzantium was now Istanbul and the name Caesar long forgotten, only a true son of the Julii can reclaim Caesar's throne. A son was found, after centuries the legion has finally found what their ancestors lost, a Thracian royalty with the Julii blood. A bear with Caesar's blood, a new hope for the legion taking a stand in the Rhodopi mountain range to rebuilt the full strength of "The Shadow Legion", and fulfil their destiny. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Information- Fort- Uniform must be worn at every event! -News- Ave Caesar! Ave Umbra Legio! -Ts3- Conquests won// The Imperial Watch

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  • Reign of Chaos


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  • Her0z fans

    Her0z is sadly gone, but those of you who still want to play his games are on my profile. Quick Links R.U.N: Quick Sand: That Brick Battle Game: One of his most recent games:

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  • ROBLOX Fame

    We are the original and biggest Fame Group on ROBLOX. Join now and track your fame, become rich in robux and limited items! Trade and earn a lot of robux! Paparazzi - No requirements. Noticeable - Bricksmith Badge. Slight Fame - Over 2,500 place visits. Close to Fame - Over 8000 place visits. Famous - Over 18,500 place visits. Clan Owner - Owner of a Group with over 2000 members, or a high rank of a group with over 10,000 members. Rich - 75,000 Robux worth of Limiteds. Ultra Fame - Over 50,000 place visits. Mega Fame - Over 100,000 place visits. Ridiculously Famous - Over 500,000 place visits. Uber Famous- Over 750,000 place visits. Too Famous - Over 1 million place visits. Ultra Rich/Famous - Over 1 million place visits with over 1 million Robux worth of limiteds. Epicly Famous - Over 2 million place visits. Fame God - Over 10 million place visits. Legend - A ROBLOX Fame user that has made a huge contribution of their time to the group.

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  • Super Secret Spys.

    ---------------------The S.S.S.--------------------- Welcome one and all to the S.S.S. Please feel free to join. The group does lots of spy missions every month. And there are TONS of contests every week. All of them include a rank up. Please ally the group if you own your own.

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  • Name that Character

    Tags; Creeper, Bowser, Kirby, Mario, Steve, Link, Zelda, Brawl, gomez, MineCraft , Mineblox, Mobs, Zombie, Koopa, Survive, Justin Bieber, noob, cool, Epic, Epic face, Swords, Luigi, Orange, R.U.N, Uncopylocked, Copylocked, skate, roblox, portal, Tycoon, Town of robloxia, RolePlay, RPG, Plane Crash, Castle Life, Slenderman, slender, Catalog, Catalog Heaven, Creeper survival, Creepers, Zombies, zombie, skeleton, Easter, Halloween, Lucky, Christmas, St.Patricks day, Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr.Krabs, MONEY, tix, robux, pie, snails, happy wheels, get eaten, ORb, build, free vip, vip, tools, run, hello, bye, guest, Destroy, win, Free robux, Free tix, yoshi, yoshi island, angry birds, Black op 2, gravity, falls, 2, base wars, laser, cart, ride, grand theft auto, 3D, ferb.

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