sacred Fruits of my Labor

If I were a fruit, I would be a blossoming peach from the East, ripe and crisp with flavor. A peach with skin so soft and so delicate, that a simple slight pressure of the teeth effortlessly reveals the splendor hidden within its it's soft shell. A peach with such delicious, milky sweet juices that just one peach alone could not satisfy the tastebuds, in the same way an addict relies on his needle. And finally, a peach with a core so dense and sharp that it would crack your teeth into a million pieces if you blundered too far into the peachs lair.. my jolly companions, I would not merely be a peach, I would be a gift of the very gods themselves. A token of their generosity to mankind and a symbol of the ever lasting life giving potential of their grace. I would be.... The God Peach.


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