• Master Keys Dungeon Shooter

    New Build Up! We got featured!!! Welcome all I hope you enjoy playing! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 🐔 Master Keys Dungeon Shooter🐔 The best Rogue-Like on Roblox! If you're a fan of "Binding of Isaac" and "Zelda" you'll fit right in :) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Blast your way through a dungeon full of monsters! Team up with up to 4 friends, find loot and hidden treasures, and beat the bosses! In an old town, there is a haunted well. Strange neon lights and weird sounds come from deep underground. Can you free the town from it's glowey curse? Features: * Lots of power-ups and treasures 🥕 * Wear exclusive masks that gives powers! 😼🐰 * Awesome Arcade shooter combat 🔫 * Randomly generated dungeons 🎲 * Secret Bosses! (Ask the shopkeeper!) 🐝

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