Hey there! Thanks for checking out my profile I hope you leave with a smile! Have a wonderful day and no I don't have a egg problem you have a egg problem!

Published Retextures: 
Happy Spring Time Flower Top Hat 
Hooded Cloak of the Astral Isles 
Wings of Freedom 
Paladin of the Splintered Skies 
Redcliff Wall Smasher 
Xanwood Fedora 
Gingerbread Tie 
BoTM August: Back to School Bandana 
Nuclear Sombrero 
Dodge Egg 
Scribbled Egg 
Tabby Egg 
Heat-Seeking Egg 
Mean Eggstructor 
Vanishing Ninja Egg 
Basket of Eggception 
Normal Egg 
Organic Egg 
Gooey Egg 
Fiery Dreggon 
Mystical Eggchemist 

Gear I have contributed to: 
Halloween Fireworks 
Captain Cyborg Flintlock 
BLOXikin Horde 
Neon Octopus Cannon 
2016 Fireworks 

Have an amazing day!


  • Egg Hunt 2016: An Eggcellent Eggventure (LEGACY)

    Back to being playable! A lot of issues have been fixed but there are still some things that do not work properly and we are looking into it! Thank you for your patience! Fixed by the wonderful PeteyK473 & pbjms! This was 2016 Egg Hunt! You can no longer earn hats but you can still play the game to see what it was like or re play the experience! Welcome to Eggcellent Eggventure! On this strange leap year there seem to be eggs dropping all over a island! These special eggs have abilities and challenges but I think you are just the eggventurerer we need to go and find them all and see what they all do! Follow me on Twitter @HawaiianSnowDev Build Team HawaiianSnowman: Builder/Ideas/Artist Luckymaxer: Scripter/Ideas Nobledragon: Organizer/Ideas TheInnovative: UI Artist/Thumbnail Art pbjms & Cenrok: Testers Krixyaz: Built Treadmills and Dumbbells MapleStick: Egg renders for the thumbnail and icons

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