• DOORS But Cartoon

    A New Horror Game Involving Doors... But "Cartoonized" This Game Was Inspired By LSPLASH DOORS And nicorocks5555's Rooms ⭐ Group: https://www.roblox.com/groups/15000847/NOOB-GamesStudio#!/about original game By: LSPLASH 📢 Warning this game contains Jumpscares and flashing lights! ⚠ Enjoy the game and Favorite ✨ recommended headphones 🎧 Creators: Noob_azul: Scripter, Developer and Builder Xvyrox: Animator, Music and builder 🛠 Songs By oShadowBonitaoPC212 🎶 Credits To: LSPLASH AND Redibles ⭐ Thanks for reading the description ✨

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