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    Inspired by: Jumprocks - "Assault of Guns" Credit to all the b*tches i took models from :) Currently in progress, will be done in a matter of time. Will be a shooting field with snipers for far range, pistols for close up and others too! Sniper: scope = Z Other guns, crouch = C Minigun & Uzi have unlimited ammo until you put them away. Put in comments what I should make!! ;D [HALL OF FAME] Hall of fame, in the middle of the terrain are portraits of the helping builders/friends. Thanks! {BroBro264, Violiaz, Jonathan2963, Shallowchumlee5, awsomepiplup321, jamall543, Kaylienne, amy3324, MoronicCheckers, Perci1} IGNORE TAGS: war, guns, minigun, sword, sword fighting, sniper, z, c, pistol, all out shooter, shooter, dark, light, terrain, bunkers, towers, desert eagle, uzi, shotgun, m24

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