Pronounced: Eye-Rock-Zee

Updates are released for Game-Store Tycoon as quickly as I can. I have a full time job and full time school outside of building on this site, so finding the time to update can be difficult. I appreciate your patience! :)


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  • *UPDATE * Game Store Tycoon 🎮 *NEW*

    *JOIN THE GAME STORE COMMUNITY!* 🌟 (Beta V 6.3.0 UPDATES (5/29)) 🌟 ~ NEW CUSTOMER SYSTEM! ~ Lag SIGNIFICANTLY reduced ~ DOUBLE the customers per block (25+)! ~ MILLIONAIRES added! They pay BIG BUCKS for BIG ITEMS! ~ Level 7 coming soon! (Beta V 6.2.1 UPDATES (4/30)) ~ LEVEL 6 TYCOON ADDED! Adds an ENTIRE NEW LEVEL with a TON of new content! ~ SELL FULL PC BUILDS, PARTS, MONITORS, and MORE! ~ Added Graphics cards, RAM Sticks, Cooling systems, Radiators, PC Cases, HDDs, and MORE!!! ~ Complete your new setup by selling MONITORS for a HUGE PROFIT! Welcome to the BEST new tycoon on ROBLOX! Run your store, earn cash, and buy hats, gear, houses, and more! Make sure and explore all 3 MAPS, the tycoon area, the city map, and the housing! The original Game Stop Tycoon can be found here: Tags: Game store, Game stop, Game store tycoon, Game stop tycoon, irocz, RTHRO, Tycoon, Roleplay, Simulator

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