• Explosions Tycoon

    💥Welcome to Explosions Tycoon! Where you can Unlock Weapon factories to gain 💰MONEY💰 to produce bigger and better weapons. With every new factory created, you get to purchase that factory's weapon and use it against your 👿ENEMIES👿! NEW UPDATE AT 3000 LIKES!!! 🎁Codes(New Code at 3000 Likes!): 500kVisits 5kFavorites 2000Likes 🏎️ Ride Tanks, fancy cars, and turret cars! 🌟Rebirth to unlock Legendary items in the bunker! 💥Unlock Grenades, TNT, Bombs, C4, and landmines. 💥 Send a 🚀ROCKET🚀 to destroy every player in the MAP! 💖If you are enjoying the game please like and favorite the game to help more players find this fun experience!

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