Hello everyone...You have found the site of a long playing and slowly forgotten player of Roblox...I am the Creator of the first realistic rasengan and chidori and 64 other naruto weapons which can be found in Jadusama's map...altho not credited for my work I had many a people try to steal my work by turning a chidori into a sword...pathetic...anyway i kinda play and i am Hokage and Second in command of the Roblox Akutski...well i dont really play anymore because the roblox staff has changed the game up so much its not roblox its the "Noob Friendly Version" that and some of the staff is annoying...thats right telamon im pointing at you its sad you let the concert winner of that vid swear in the video and let him get away with it...just sad...and no i didnt even enter the competition so you calling me a sore loser...not necessary...i still get on to read the MSG people send to me daily from friends fans and family xD my real name is alec fischer for proof


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    Stopped working on my zombie idea...and stopped playing roblox all together =/ See Player Description for more information

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