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  • ⚔️ Zulu War

    ⚔️ Zulu War is a historical game based off of the famous Battle of Rorke's Drift, in which a small British garrison held off overwhelming amounts of Zulu Warriors attacking their camp. Relive the battle and fight for survival against 6 waves of Zulus! 📌 Take note This game is simply inspired by true historical events and doesn't condone racism. Big thanks to . . . ScottFaber - scripting, Uis, animating 📋 Tags Zulu, Zulu Dawn, Bot Defense, Bot Defence, Military, Zulu Wars, Rorke's Drift, Isandlwana, Anglo-Zulu War, Fighting, Victorian, 1879, Zulu War Defence, Zulu Wars Defense, Zulu Wars Defence, Zulu Wars, Zulu War, Britain, British Army, United Kingdom, Boer War, 55 Days at Pecking, Zulu, Anglo-Zulu, Natal, South Africa, Civil War, Linebattles, America, George Washington, Simulator

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