My goal is to become a full time Roblox developer so that I can build these wonderful games as a career. My mission is to build Roblox games that are really high in quality, like you see on other top game platforms. My games are designed with the following objectives.

- High quality graphics
- Intuitive, easy and fun to play
- No aggressive or flashy sales tactics
- Great rewards and unique items
- A store with fair prices

You can help support me by playing my games, leaving a thumbs up, and inviting your friends. It takes many months to build these games, so your support really makes a difference. Thank you!

Join our community by visiting the links in the game description. I love interacting with players, and actively listening to feedback and suggestions.



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  • Sky Blazers

    ATTENTION MOBILE USERS When you first join the game, it may take up to 30 seconds or more until the jetpack loads and is functional. Sky Blazers is a fun racing game in which you race with jetpacks in the air on amazing 3D racetracks in the sky! RACE RULES Wait for the countdown timer to start the race. Then go through the gates in order, starting with gate #1. After gate #19, go through the green LAP gate to complete a lap. The race lasts for 3 laps. RACE START Since you are free to move before the race begins, try to time your start so that you go through gate #1 immediately after the race starts. If you go through the gate before the race starts, it will not count. SHORTCUTS Keyboard: Q = speed down, E = speed up, spacebar = turbo, F or R = fire Mobile: jump button = turbo xBox X = speed down, Y = speed up, A = turbo, B = fire

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  • Hole In The Wall

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  • Game of Clones

    SUMMARY Defeat players to turn them into clones of yourself, which then join your team. Attack other clones, not your own clones. The player with the most clones wins. DESCRIPTION Game Of Clones is a fun fighting game that involves cloning other players, or getting cloned! The game starts with everyone fighting against each other. If you defeat a player, then that player respawns as a clone of your character, and joins your team. If you get defeated, then you get cloned into a copy of the character that defeated you, and join their team. The player with the most clones at the end of the game wins. (If there is a tie, then no winner is declared for that round). FEATURES - A huge map-sized lobby - Lots of cool products - Fun maps - Epic back and forth fights - Earn free coins and loot - Optimized for mobile devices

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  • Battle As A Giant Boss

    In Battle As A Giant Boss, you have the chance to turn into a giant boss, and fight against a team of other players! We designed the game to be a fun fighting game, with interesting mechanics and cool maps. GAMEPLAY At the start of the game, one player will be randomly chosen as the Boss, and increased to giant size with extra health. All other players will be normal sized, and be put on the same team called the Fighters. The game ends when the Boss defeats all the Fighters, or when the Fighters defeat the Boss. If time runs out, then it is a tie. BOSS HINTS Be sure to move and jump a lot to avoid being hit. If you fall down, then jump to get back up.

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