RIP the pyre games 2020-2021 :(

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    💵 WEEKENDS ARE DOUBLE EXPERIENCE AND GOLD 💵 Inspired by the Hunger Games trilogy, The Pyre Games is a series that aims to give players an experience in multiple game modes, currently offering three forms of survival-battle royale games. ➵ Creator Update 03/11/2022 ⭒ hi so this should be obvious by now but I'm no longer updating the pyre games, but I'll keep it up and active for anyone who wants to use it - I am way too busy to keep working on a roblox game & most of my audios are going to be copyrighted/audios I've used from other creators will be privated so the game is going to lose its atmosphere beyond fixing :( thank u all for playing ︾ Read the wiki for more information! ︾ the-pyre-games.fandom(. com)

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    the pyre games beta testing service :D september 06 2021 - game 1 and game 2 now run on an auto cycle removing the need for training center lobby - game 1 and game 2 lobbies now contain the capabilities to buy/equip/unequip perks, offerings & shows game stats - various UI updates and optimization changes - bug fixes

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