05/08/22 Hello fellow Robloxians!

Head of IceTime Studios and IceTime Apparel. Check our groups out on Roblox!
Feel Free to follow my social channels as well, I appreciate any support!

I am the creator of Retro Run, which took the "Most Unique" award in Infinite Canvas's Retro Themed Game Jam and as seen in their video. I also Co- created Castle Keepers! ⚔

I Started my development journey in June of 2021 and am committed to continuing to learn and improve my craft! If you have read this far THANK YOU!  I will see you in the metaverse! 🌎🌍🌏


  • Dueling Blades

    **Premium Members start with 1k Gold** Join our Studios Social Server! Link below! Winter has come to DB! New Map: Winter Wonder Land and new lobby decor! New Limited time weapons and limited time player character! Dueling Blades is a last man standing sword fighting experience! Slay your opponents (Or let the environment do it for you!) and be the last one left before the timer runs out and you win! -Earn Gold -Slay Enemies -Buy New swords, axes and maces -Find Coins -Avoid Traps Please give the game a 👍 if you're enjoying it so far. Thank you for your support. Thanks to those who have continued to help test the game #Sword #swordfighting #combat #melee#Fighting

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