My name is Juan and I've been avidly playing Roblox since December. I know my join date is earlier, but at that time I only played Roblox once then forgot about it.
Besides that, my favorite games to play are, well, in my favorites tab, my favorite one however is Work at a Pizza Place, and second favorite is Robot 64.
I also have a YT channel, I make Nintendo videos, some other games, and Roblox in the future.
I'm also on amino, for those who know me, I'm on Mario Amino and Smash Amino.
Consider following me if you don't know me, if you try and friend me otherwise, I'll just decline. I'll only accept (and follow you back) if I know you (or if you're a Roblox YouTuber I see) 
Social Media
YT: AdoseofJuan
Twitter: Look above
Amino Communities: Mario Amino, Smash Amino

Thanks for reading!


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    This is your very first ROBLOX creation. Check it out, then make it your own with ROBLOX Studio!

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  • Roblox Creator Challenge 2018 - AdoseofJuan

    I'm just trying to learn how to code by taking part in this event. Update I've now finished with this and have a somewhat good concept on what to do. Hopefully there'll be better games to come from me.

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  • Roblox Creator Challenge 2018 #2 - AdoseofJuan

    That is right fellas, I am still trying to learn how to code, however I am now going to actually try kinda.

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