• The Fables of Zoblox v1.0

    Our update is delayed - our apologies! Look for the latest release of 'The Fables of Zoblox' with: - Questing - New Arena Area - New Upgrades Join our Group: https://www.roblox.com/groups/10650249/Daft-Resolution-Studios#!/about Gather a Team of 4 and fight evil in the "Fables of Zoblox" arena! A Unique Top-Down Gameplay experience drives exciting Arcade style battles! Challenge the arena with a team of up to 4 combatants and see if you have what it takes to become the top ZOBLOX HERO! Features - 1-4 person rounds - Play with friends! - Waves of enemies and bosses! - Upgrade your weapon, your speed, and even buy a drone to upgrade - Grab pickups like Shields, Turrets, and Coins WASD/Joystick: Movement Left-Mouse/Touch Screen: Fire Bow Right-Mouse/Touch Icon: Place Turret under cursor/touch or Equip your shield and regain max health! Reach the top of the world leaderboards as the best player of the day or the best player of ALL-TIME!

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