feel free to follow me into any game to chat :) - if i don't respond i'm not ignoring u! it means i am afk, just try again later, or message me!

want to send me a trade? follow me first, trying to prevent thousands of bot requests that spam my inbox :(

i was 12 when i started roblox now im 22 - i attend college and have 2 part time jobs so i am not online all the time

california (saint mary's college)

if you have been on roblox for over 5 years, then you might remember me as jcs801!

bestselling clothes (i made them when i was 12 dont @ me)


  • Chat Color Algorithm Solver!

    when you type in a username that you want in the box, the chat color that the username will have is shown. like and favorite! DISCLAIMER PLEASE READ: my game will not do anything to your Roblox and will not cost anything. My game will not change your username, nor your chat color. The GUI will tell you what color a potential username will be, and once you figure that out it is up to you to either change your username to that, or to make an alt. it's not for display name, it's based on the actual username (costs 1000 robux to change). my place is not a traditional game, it's more of an informational tool for quality of life. i made the GUIs and icon myself, obviously I have never designed anything before lol pls thumbs up it works 😭

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