How's it going my fellow ninja gamers! I'm WeggieNinja, your friendly neighborhood gaming ninja! I play games, make games, and make videos on games. I used to hang around LMaD on Weggieninja.

I do accept friend requests but only from people that I know. I like to keep my friends list clean and organized, so please follow me instead if I don't know you. Nothing personal!

Need to talk with me? The best way to contact me would be through Twitter @WeggieNinja. You can find my Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch profiles on the top right to my blurb. Thanks!Read More


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  • Noob Defense

    NOTE: This game is outdated due to Roblox updates, but still playable to an extent. I'm keeping it up for those who still wish to play it but do note that this game will most likely not be updated anymore. This is Noob Defense; a harder version remake of BuildIntoGames' Guest Defense! In this game, you must protect ROBLOXia and its prized statue from the noobs or else ROBLOXia will fall. Team up with your allies and friends and battle the noobs in 2 different game modes. After every round, you can hire a ROBLOXian Soldier or make upgrades. Credit to BuildIntoGames for creating Guest Defense.

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  • 2008 ROBLOX Crossroads Simulation

    12/5/2018: If you want a true authentic 2008 Roblox experience, check out CloneTrooper1019's Super Nostalgia Zone. This game is now broken due to new Roblox updates and Clone's version is the best old Roblox simulator to currently exist anyways. This is everything you know and loved from 2008: The old forcefield, leaderboard, toolbar, backpack, and even that great old look! Experience what it was like playing ROBLOX back in 2008 on the Crossroads level. This is no doubt one of the best and accurate old ROBLOX simulators and most likely the best 2008 one. Feedback is extremely welcome and important to me for improving the game if needed to be! The only things that are needed are the old explosion and nametags, which will be challenging for me to make. But, nevertheless, I'll get it done eventually. Special thanks to RBUXH4XX for the old heads.

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  • JJ5x5's House

    This is the most accurate replica of JJ5x5's House, built solely by me, made as a tribute for JJ5x5. Plus, JJ5x5 took down the original game so I took it upon myself to recreate it the best I could. I originally made this on Weggieninja, but since that account is now deleted and my OBC has run out, the game is forever in-active... that is, until I found it in my save files and brought it back. Don't go around in the comments saying I stole JJ5x5's game because it was never uncopylocked and if you played the original one, you'd know that there are differences. Due to ROBLOX updates, the tools are broken, but I will eventually fix it. To regenerate the car, just say "regen car1" without quotations of course. Just like the original game, you can use your precious non-harmful gear!

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