The end is here. Thanks for the memories. As my final quote, I leave the quote at the end. Good bye. -Ollie "It is not enough to be dumbstruck; (Can you fill the silence?) you must have the words in that head of yours. And oh, oh, can you feel the silence? I can't take it anymore, 'cause it is not enough to be dumbstruck. (Can you fill the silence?)" Read More

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  • MAYHEM Entertainment

    MAYHEM Entertainment is an upcoming film and series studio that makes action/drama related films. It will also produce films from other studios. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXTkkoAj-XQ1t7sFusu-Z3Q --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RULES: -Film ideas may be pitched to BATMAN21005, but do not pester him to green-light it. -Actors must stay active to make all filming sessions if required. -Directors must promise high quality scripts and run all ideas through BATMAN21005. -Do not advertise personal films or series not related to MAYHEM unless approved by BATMAN21005. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Productions: Justice League Divided, Wandering Souls(Co-Production) Upcoming Productions: "Project: Lamentation"

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  • Route 66 Productions

    LOOK HERE IF YOU ARE WONDERING HOW TO BECOME AN ACTOR!!! ALL INFORMATION IS HERE!!!!! Logo credit to: NoisyMainAccount This is the group of Route 66 Productions, a YouTube channel that is growing fast in popularity, and actors. My motto is to make your day better with every video. To make you have something to laugh, have fun, and just SMILE! In order to become an actor YOU MUST. Show up to one filming, and not get yelled at, or make me want to rage quit. I will say if you got a promotion or not. Number of subscribers: 1098

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  • Stopmotion101 Studio

    PAY ATTENTION TO THIS, THIS TELLS YOU EVERYTHING: All timezones stated by Endpoint are in CST. If your timezone is not CST, adjust accordingly. Current Movies (In order of release): 1. Ember (Completed) 2. The Dark Knight: Apocalypse (Production) This is the group where we make comedy, action, drama, every type of movie there is. We also make music videos and shorts. At Stopmotion101 Studios we post our videos on our youtube 101stopmotion. NOTE: If you want to be in a movie, just join the group, and await the next filming date. Once it's time to film, just follow the director into the place, and listen to your instructions. King_Meeseeks holds the group until Endpoint gets BC.

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  • Midnight City Set #1

    SCENE ONE: The coffee shop scene.

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