• Lumber INC 3 RM Vehicles Showcase(Temp Closed)

    Due to concern about model copy via illegal external method, this place is temporarily closed. Those who anyone want to visit please contact me via message. I'll open again whenever there are someone who willing to visit this place. Made by me, Lequla These models are NOT FOR SALE NOR FOR GIVEAWAY, DO NOT ASK FOR ANY PERMISSION TO USE THESE MODELS. If this model is found out to be owned by someone else other than me WILL RESULT IN DMCA. The discovery of prohibited use in the disapproval methods with these models will result in permanent ban from Haydz Deforestation Co. and all the services we provide along with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act accusation. Some of the vehicles aren't here because they weren't tasked by me, but by Crazydiamond. so I couldn't upload some of those here altogether unless he allow me later on. The list of vehicles aren't here: Jeep, Dozer, NEWSuperLifter, NEWHeavyLifter.

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