Hai, My name is Macy :3 I live in Maine, lived here for... about 4 years. My parents are divorced. Both of my parents have high paying jobs. Just for being wealthy DOESN'T mean I can get everything I want. I always check a server if it a noobish server or a cool server. I hate little kids that say like "go over there, their might be a health boost." even though their isn't and you die.I'm a preppy girl but I'm not like a snobby prep, I love to play video games. My favorite song, Eric Prdz - Pjanoo [Club Mix] My favorite food... Japanese. My favorite game is... I've played alot of games, so I don't have a favorite game. Best Friends- Sorry, to lazy to type my best friends in and family xD. Read More

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  • cheskamillares19's group (desc. says it all)

    Join if you are cheskamillares19's fan/friends/best friends/ best friends forever, You could join too if you just know her. (: --thanks johny11 :D

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  • [ Content Deleted 125780 ]

    Eh, he deletd the group. BIG WOOP! KEEP THE HATE LIVING! ALL HAIL DESTROYING BEIBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Live long and prosper- Group 125780

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  • Companion Cube Fan Club

    the companion cube is your best friend and will accompany you through the rest of the testing chamber... -GLaDOS The official fan club for the most memorable character and best friend in Portal, the COMPANION CUBE! For more information on ranks, read this:

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  • Team Fortress 2 Fan Club

    Welcome to the Team Fortress 2 Fan Club. here you can talk about TF2 an other stuff. Other Groups: (Official Steam Group: (Left 4 Dead Group: Places: (XiaoXiaoMan's Team Fortress 2: (Ro-Fortress 2:

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  • Go Green!

    This group is for all the really dedicated hard workers on roblox who want to go green! We all know there is nothing really on roblox that we can go green with so we are going to talk about going green all the different ways we can save the planet, and when we get the group going enough we can all share projects that we can all try at home, and share what we did and how it came out with the group! "Stop Polluting and Start Saluting" group motto created by Cycomatic! We have many famous people like RobloTim who also want to Go Green. Check shouts daily to learn about getting promotions to higher ranks! Members of this group (12/01/13): 2266. ~Owner, ToxikPie.

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  • Dead Rising Fans

    We are the official Dead Rising 1 and 2 fan club of ROBLOX. If you like DR 1 or 2 or want it, then join the group. Invite three people and I will promote you. Don't be a noob and beg people to join... type Dead Rising on the people section, and invite someone that has been on RECENTLY. Tell that person(if they join), to make a comment on the group wall saying that they were invited by you to confirm.

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  • ROBLOXian Liberals Club

    We are the ROBLOXian Liberals Club. Use this group to respectfully discuss current events, no flaming please! If you prefer to have a different rank to your political affiliation, please PM me. New members, please post your plotical affiliation on the group wall! Thanks.

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  • Ugg lovers

    Do you love Ugg boots? They were a fashion must have in 2008, 2009, and 2010. By joining you can discuss your Uggs. Discuss Colors, how you wear them, what type of Uggs? Anything!

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  • Weapon X Main Group

    Welcome to Weapon X

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