The name's Alex. I love metal, anime and especially video games. I'm working on geting into Graphic Design and 3D Design. Anyways, I'm a Roblox member of the old days. I started playing back in Summer of 2006, on an old account I sold to a friend. I'm rarely on here, on account that I'm an adult. Twenty three, yeah. Old, I know. Though, occasionally I'd play Roblox on the Xbox One with my mates. My gamertag is DeoxTew, for those of you who want to contact me. That's all I suppose.

I've been with this game for just over 10 freaking years, and I'll be honest with you. From what I've observed between then and now, I gotta say I deeply dislike seeing what Roblox had become of itself....

...My word, Roblox fallen as a whole. It hurts to watch...

But I'll stay in hopes of seeing it make a turnaround!Read More


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