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  • Say Hello To Neighbor 3D Roblox Tutorial

    A quick way to learn the ropes of what the final game will be like, I hope you enjoy my tribute game for Bijuu Mike, my way of saying thank you for making my alpha 2 build popular! Final Game: Coming Soon!

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  • Hello Neighbor Alpha 2 ( I.D. )

    In development , bound to be buggy , If you want more frequent updates join my group!!

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  • Hello, Neighbor !

    CONTROLS = Key card - aim the card to fit in the slot Sleep - Stand on your bed Run - Press and hold Shift Enter Vent - walk towards it Throw item - backspace while holding the tool ~~~~ Try my hello neighbor alpha 2 right now ! its on my profile ! ~~~~ Want to support my game ? Well you can buy the Ad as a T-shirt ! , it will help me get more sounds from hello neighbor in this game faster ! ( Its in my group store ) ~~~~ Feel free to record your experience on youtube ! ~~~~ W.I.P. ~~~~ Don't want to be chased by AI? Well hello neighbor RP is just for you! its in alpha, i made it in two minutes, literally... ~~~~ You can join the group for this game on my profile to, to... to do something idk ~~~~ A friend of mine is making a game too! his user is "popgoesme700", Check it out !

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