• Orthoxia: Alpha

    The game is currently in the alpha testing phase. There aren't a lot of things in the game at the moment. Music, sounds, better visuals, areas and much more will come in the updates. Expect bugs, data resets, and other unintended behavior. This is not the final product, and the game will get much better. Please report bugs in the group!

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  • Testing

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  • Oof Land

    Currently working on totally re-making the game to fix a lot of current issues. You can check my twitter to keep up with the re-make's progress. (Twitter is linked to my profile) Wanted to close the game so that people don't waste anymore time farming, since all stats will be reset when the re-make is released. I'm really busy with irl stuff atm, so I don't have a lot of time to actually work on the game, but it should be out soon! Hope you all understand :)

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