A rare one, I am.
An Old one, I am.
Completely Careless
Of the lifeless soul, that I am

-May, 2007-

One of the last remaining, active, unpg'd accounts on this game. I literally have no life.Read More

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  • Bridge Crossing v2.0 (UPDATED)

    READ BEFORE YOU START SCREAMING FREEMODELS ================================== Some of you 07 and 08ers may remember the design of the bridges in this game. While the Bridges were NOT free modeled, I rebuilt the bridge using over a hundred screen shots of the original bridge, Created by Jacobxxduel. I will not be making this bridge open to the public. (Not mine to redistribute) The Terrain is created fully by NinjaSheep, Planes by Stealth Pilot. ------------------------------------------------------ Remember roblox rules, and Let battle commence! -----------------------UPDATED---------------------- The planes are down due to a roblox update. Apparently, planes of that age are no longer supported by the actual Roblox game, so I'll have to remove them. I probably wont add replacements,as they'll change the theme of the game. ALSO, I've added to the blast pressure of the bombs to stuff actually blows up instead of falls apart.

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  • Portal Wars (Original) UNDER CONSTRUCTION

    This is the original Portal Game made in 2011, I haven't done much with it since I made it. I'm thinking of working on it a little more and putting a bit more detail in it. Until then, its functional and is working fine now if you still wish to play

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  • Skull Brotherhood Headquarters (Raidable)

    This is the official head quarters of S.B. --- Rules of Raid: The point is to capture and keep the flag up. If the enemy succseeds in raising the flag, then the raid is won. The raid will last as long as the enemy is in the server.

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