• Monster Ghoul[UPDATE #2]

    Welcome to Monster Ghoul, an immersive experience where your choices shape your destiny. In this thrilling universe, you are invited to choose your allegiance: will you walk the path of the Ghouls or align yourself with the CCG (Commission of Counter Ghoul). New Update +New Ghoul +Trainers +Fixed Some Bugs +Balance +Codes Next Update + New Quinque + New UI Improvements + Mask Shop Improvements +Arata +New Quinx + ETC. FAQ -Killing player with high level could possibly earn high reputation For computers press 1 to 9 to use your kagune/quinque "V" - Quinx or Arata Joker "X" - Sprint Do not attempt to exploit the system, as our auto-detection will identify such actions, and we do not entertain appeals for bans.

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