Former Accelerator Intern. Previously known as HatHelper. I do read all my messages, I just don't have time to respond to them all. If you see me playing a game, I'd rather relax and play than talk about TC3 :)


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  • The Conquerors 3 [ American WWI Skins ]

    Update: American WWI soldier skins New Naval Map New Feature: Every month you will receive a free limited edition skin, as long as you're in the TC3 Fan Group. Be in the battle. The Conquerors is a real-time strategy game where you command entire armies. Watch your soldiers, tanks, planes, and navy fire at enemy buildings, and ally with other armies to win the game!

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  • Store Empire [ THANKSGIVING EVENT ]

    Thanksgiving Event update: -New limited edition items: Turkeys, Hams, Pies, Potatoes, Table and Bench, and Thanksgiving hats! To unlock these items you must complete their challenges. The challenges disappear after November 30th -New Freezer Bunker shelf, which carries a new item, Pizza(store level 11), and the limited edition turkey -Customers driving Tractors come to your store and buy a lot of produce Hire employees, build shelves, decorate your store, cater to over a dozen types of customers, buy and sell over 150 items, expand your property, and manage your money to create the most successful store empire!

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